Online book club weathers winter

By Beanie Taylor - [email protected]

Between illness and inclement weather it can be difficult for people to get out to do the things they love the most. When it comes to book clubs, librarian Kasey Nowalk has discovered a solution.

From Jan. 2 through 30, the Elkin Public library will be hosting an online book club. To participate check out “March: Book One” by John Lewis. This graphic novel is an easy read making it a perfect start for those who are unsure about trying a new venture.

Hosted through Goodreads, participants must create an account and be invited to participate. Signing up for Goodreads is very easy and takes only a few minutes. A link to the app can be found on the Elkin Library Facebook page or by going to The easiest way to sign up is through an existing Facebook account.

After answering very basic questions participants will be asked about their reading style which will then allow Goodreads to make further reading suggestions. In addition to allowing participation in the online book club, the app will connect members to friends who also use the app, help keep track of book lists including those people want to read as well as reviewing those which have been read, and find suggestions for similar books.

“It’s like Facebook for readers,” explained Nowalk, who was excited to see how many people will be connected through the online book group format.

Once invited to participate in the Elkin Online Book Club, members will be prompted by displayed questions. Once an answer is posted, a conversation thread will begin allowing members to discuss the book at their own convenience. Although the discussions are very similar to those held during in-person book clubs, participants will not be confined to meet at specific times nor will they be constrained by factors such as illness or weather.

“It’s been a slow start,” stated Nowalk, who was unsure if the format would work for all library members, “but it’s still early.” Nowalk cited the recent snow and flu as the reasons people may not have been able to pick the book up from the library.

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By Beanie Taylor

[email protected]

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