What Christmas Means to Me

Ronda-Clingman Elementry School

Korri-Lee Wood

Third Grade

To me Christmas is the time to spent time with your family Jesus birth. Santa Claws bring people presents. Merry Christmas

Steven Arias

What Christmas means to me… Christmas means to me the birth of Jesus christ and December is my birthday and santa clase comes to my house and my family gets together and spend time with each othery.

Emma Bellton

What Christmas means to me… to me christmas is a holiday for Family

Mason D.

Christmas means to me is that christmas is not for gifts really its for family because it was just for presents its to crazy. Its time with family. There is really only 4 things you need that 4 things are something you want, need, read, clothing.

Ethan Childress

Christmas means good to me becaus it is gods birthday and it is a good hollday to sell brotyr and you get preznets and toys The Ned

Kaydea Edomonds

Christmas is the becaus all my family will come together and we will come to my homes and wee will opem 1 evry day and we will play with my cousin and natuw and my brother that is 22 years old and then we celebrate.

Labrina Harris

What Christmas means to me is prasins

Gretchin Howell

It is the best time os the year. You get lots of toys you get to make cookies for santa and milk you get to go to barn it was when Jesus was born you get to spend time opening you things with you family you get what you asked for it is the best time of year.

Abole Kilpatrick

To me Christmas means Jesus birth and the joy of Christmas spitit and Santa Claus bring presents. Merry Christmas!

Breagha Kilpatrick

Christmas means to me… wear my family and me git to gether and goes to the kid hospitl and git presints to the kid. Jesus as born on Christmas.

Lorena Lopez

Christmas means Jesus’ birthday and the christmas spirit of joy and happynes of children because they get presents and it is the day of their saviors birth and you get to decorate the christmas tree. Merry Christmas

Hannah Mathis

Christmas means to me… Christmas is relly Special Because it is the day where Jesus was Born. you get to celebrate Jesus Brthday. Have a feast. Spin time with you family put up youre Chrismas tree.

Violet Money

To me Christmas is all about Jesus birthday. We also get presents but it is not all about presents. Some people do but I don’t. Also Santa clos brings us presents but it isn’t all about Santa Clous.

Chaney Parsons

Christmas means ohhhhh oh I got it It means Jesus is birthday. that is what it means. Merry Christmas Love

Hannah Quesenberry

To me Chiristmas all about Jesus Birthday. Some people thank it’s all about presents but it ain’t. We also meet up with our family’s and speed time with them and eat!!

Anna-Grace Roberts

Christmas is all about Jesus’s birthday and you get presents its my favorate holiday and it snow I like playing snowball fights.

Zack Santos

Cristmas is my favorite time of the year because Jesus was born in Cristmas. Cristmas is about joy. Cristmas is not just about presents it is about having fun with your Family. When it is Cristmas Santa comes artound the world to give gifts children that are goodBrady Shore

To me cristmas means to be with familyand the day Jesus was born. not just presents or toys. thereare other things that cristmas should mean to you then just toys as long asyou havr things you need and family. Cristmas should mean a lot to you to.

Robert Staler

Christmas is a day ti be with your friends and family. Christmas is a day that Santa comes and gives you gifts. You can celebrate Christmas with some toys and being nice and having fun.

Deisy Treio

I love christmas because it is a day to remember because it is Jesus birthday. Every Christmas day we celibrate his birthday. Santa cames and brings gifts to us. We put up sockings and he either will put candy or cole but you want candy.

Sincerely, Austin Williams

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