What Christmas Means to Me

Traphill Elementary School

Christina Hurst

Third Grade

What Christmas means to me is when Baby Jesus gets born on Dec. 25th. We may not celebrate the same way others do but our family does not have a Christmas tree. But it is still fun. Christmas ain’t about getting presents. It is all about when Jesus got born and all the presents he got. We all get presents is because He loves us. I love Christmas because it is fun. It is a day you and me need to be grateful that we get presents. All I want for Christmas is love and I already got it. I love mommy, daddy and John and Hannah. The people that are coming to Christmas are Mom, Dad, John, Hannah, Nana, Papa, Tim and cousins. Christmas is fun to me. When we are happy it makes Jesus happy. When he is mommy and daddy is happy. When it is Christmas I am happy but I am happy for a birthday and I am happy for the present too. I love Christmas it is so fun for me! The best or 2nd best is happiness when we open the presents it is fun. I love Christmas it is fun to sing happy birthday. It is so fun to have Christmas. I love Christmas so much. Christmas is the time to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. I love, love Christmas.


What Christmas means to me is Jesus’ birthday. Not about getting presents. It’s about giving to Jesus and kids. I know because I am a Christian.


It means to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. The three wisemen gave Jesus presents. The presents were gold, frankincense and myrrh.


It means a lot to me because you get toys or money, and you get to play with them. It’s God’s birthday and you get a game or something.


What Christmas means to me is Jesus’ birthday, presents and Christmas tree. It’s love, happy, wonderful, lovely, pretty.


What Christmas means to me is getting presents and celebrating Jesus’ birthday and when Jesus died on the cross. He rose again. When Jesus was a baby three wise men gave Jesus gold, frankincense and myrrh.


What Christmas means to me that I am happy for what I have. I’d rather have what I have than nothing. I feel happy too because it is Jesus’ birthday. I am happy to have the life that I have. Nothing else would make me more happy than Christmas. Jesus wants us to get His presents on His birthday.


Christmas means to me because it is special and makes kids happy when they don’t have much toys. Sometimes they get to see Santa in a store. It makes kids excited. I think that most of the kids think Christmas is the best day of their life and it means it is Jesus’ birthday.


It means love, being together. Jesus was born on Christmas. He dies for mine and yours sins on the cross. Christmas is my favorite holiday. You get presents and Santa.


To me it means happy getting spread around the world. You get presents and it is Jesus’ birthday. All the family get together to celebrate so it’s not just about the presents, it’s much more. On Christmas Eve we go to my nana’s house and opens up presents from her. Then we go home and open a present. Then we play with our stuff. That is not what Christmas is mainly about. It is about joy and hanging out with your family. That’s what Christmas means to me.


I think that Christmas means to have fun. Be thankful for what you get. Even if you don’t like what you get, you still keep it. If you don’t get all the things you want, you don’t have to complain. It will be ok. That’s why I love Christmas. I love Christmas because I get to spend time with my family all day and night. I love them.


It’s great to see my family. And get to get big presents from my parents. And get to get Christmas things.


Christmas means to me is Jesus’ birthday. It is great. I believe in Santa Claus. He gives me presents.


I like to celebrate Christmas because it reminds me that Jesus is born. It reminds me to give thanks.


Christmas means to me is Jesus’ birthday and candy and presents! Eating cookies and milk. It is fun at Christmas because you get to see family and friends.


It means a lot to me because it is God’s birthday and you get toys. IT is a holiday that God get’s to have a birthday and you get toys for that holiday. It is a awesome holiday. You will not get toys if you are rude so you must be nice to people.


My family throws a Christmas party at the church. We bring Christmas presents from home to open there. Everyone takes pictures. Then we eat. We make gingerbread cookies for Santa Claus and for the family.


I like Christmas because it is God’s birthday and I like TV. I like to open presents.


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