What Christmas Means to Me

Elkin Elementary School

Debra Horton

Third Grade

Christmas is the best holiday, and we even get to open presents. It is even God’s birthday. It is a good day because we to put the Christmas tree up.

Victor V.

I am glad that God sent his only son to die on the cross. That is why I am all for Christmas.

A.C. P.

Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. Joseph was Jesus’ dad. Jesus helped people. Christmas is about giving not receiving.

Joseph J.

Jesus’ birthday is on Christmas Day. Jesus is very special. We celebrate his birthday by giving presents to people. Christmas is about giving presents.

Jonas. J.

To me Christmas means remembering Jesus’ birthday, and it also means getting your whole family together and reading the Christmas story. It means to have a good time. It also means to gather up your family, have breakfast, and watch some kind of Christmas movie. I would prefer Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Hayden T.

Christmas is about family, not getting. Giving is what it’s about. The true meaning of Christmas is about Jesus’ birthday. (I’m Jewish, so I know that. Plus my family is Jewish.)

Zechariah T.

Christmas is a time to celebrate, and it means that we have to get together. It also means to give things to people who are being nice. Having a dinner together is great. Christmas is a time to be thankful and be happy with our family.

Estefani M.

I think Christmas is important because you get with your family. Another way I think Christmas is important because you celebrate together with friends and family and open gifts. My last reason is at Christmas, we get to get together with family.

Sailer K.

To me, Christmas means celebrating the birth of Jesus. It is not about presents. It is about spending time with your family and learning about Jesus’ birth. So Christmas is on a Sunday, and that is the best day to have Christmas so we can learn about Jesus. Christmas is also about spending time with your family and making memories with your family.

Dalton W.

Christmas means a celebration that we honor Jesus’ birthday and to be thankful about what you have. It also means to be with my family. Even though you may want presents, think about all the people in places where there were fires. For example, in Tennessee, there were fires and many people had to move.

Aidan B.

Christmas means to get toys. Also Christmas means having Christmas spirit and spending time with family. If I had to choose between presents and family, I would choose family. Family means a lot more than presents. I love my family, and I know you do, too.

Sheia H.

Christmas means God and my family. I love God and my family. They are so special to me. In fact, if someone asked me, “Do you want a toy or your family?” I will say, “My family because I love them.” I hope Santa brings the things everyone needs and wants. This year, Santa is going to be busy. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Brenna B.

Christmas means spending time with family and having great laughs, smiles, and joy! Every year, I always love spending time with family. It makes me feel like I’m home. What else Christmas means to me is hope. Hope means you believe in stuff like God, Santa, family, friends, and loved ones. Christmas also means having love for poor people that don’t have food, love, or homes.

Caeleigh R.

We celebrate Christmas because Jesus was born on Christmas Eve. We give Santa cookies and milk and put Elves on the Shelves. They tell Santa if we are naughty or nice. I watch football, stay up late, hang out with families, and sing Christmas songs.

Blaklynn G.

Christmas means we celebrate Jesus’ birthday and families come. Then we spend time together as a family. We eat, and we open our presents. Then we pray for God to thank him for giving us food. When we celebrate, it’s like it is our birthday, but it is not. We give thanks to Jesus for everything.

Roselyn V.

What I like about Christmas is I get to be with my family. We get to open presents. We get toys in our stockings. We get to eat turkey.

Angel L.

Christmas means cookies, family celebrating Jesus, and giving. We celebrate by making cookies at home and eating cookies at my Mimi’s house. My Mimi’s cookies are delicious and always have something special in them.

We celebrate as a family by eating together, opening presents, and playing secret Santa.

We celebrate the birth of Jesus by going to church and setting up our Nativity scene. He was born on Christmas Day!

We celebrate Christmas by giving to others. We give to others by giving toys, books, donate money, and helping around the house.

June M.

Christmas means a lot to me because I get to be with my family, and I get to open my presents in the morning in my P.J.s. Sometimes I get what I want and sometimes I don’t. Last year, I got an Xbox 360, and I wanted an Xbox 360 so it means I was nice. Also, I get to do cookies and put a glass of milk on a little table. I also get grass for the reindeer. On Christmas Eve it is Jesus’ birthday, and it is also mine because I was born on December 24, 2007 at 12:07 a.m. So I am lucky. On Christmas Eve I get to open my presents, but this year I will open my presents on Christmas Day.

Diana G.

What Christmas Means to Me

A Poem

Christmas means having Christmas trees,

Opening presents, watching Christmas movies,

But most of all I like being with family.

We gather around the tree

Aunts and uncles smiling at me,

Moms and Dads talking,

Grandparents greeting and laughing and obviously,

Kids and cousins opening!

That’s what Christmas means to me!

Cama B.

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