What Christmas Means to Me

Bridges Academy

Fifth Grade

“Spending time with family is what Christmas means to me. It also means giving. That is what Christmas means to me.” Miles Cline

“Christmas is about family and some people think it’s about presents, but no it’s not about presents it’s about family! I am a child and I want family for Christmas. Please ask for the same thing as me.”

Landon Paterson

“I like spending time with my family. I enjoy the lights and decorations. Christmas is hot cocoa, food and smells, parties, snow, trees and flowers, seeing friends, dressing up, and being in the Christmas play at church.”

Neely Sizemore

“What Christmas means to me is spending time with your loved ones and even friends. It’s not just about presents but it is about the birth of Jesus. Christmas is a wonderful holiday and please pray at Christmas morning. So have a Merry Christmas.”

Bryce Greer

“Christmas is the time to be with family and friends. Christmas isn’t about presents, but it is nice to give people presents once in a while. Christmas is also the time to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.”

Katie Norman

“To me it means joy to everybody in the whole world. A lot of times we get presents or we get together and celebrate with all of our family and friends. One of my Christmas traditions is when we get a tree and we decorate the tree as a family. My favorite part of Christmas is when we all rush out of bed and open up our gifts. That’s what Christmas means to me.”

Emily Hodgson

“Christmas is very important to me because it involves my family and loving each other. I love spending time with people that I have not seen in a long time. My family spending time laughing playing and being surprised is what Christmas means to me.”

Kloie Vara

“When Jesus Christ died for us, I also love to spend time with family. To givev instead of take. To help the needy. This is what Christmas means to me.”

Breana Penley

“I think Christmas means to me the birth and life of Christ and what he did for us. Jesus was born and he died on the cross for us. That’s what Christmas means to me.”

Denver Penley

“Christmas means to me is the birth of Jesus Christ and his life. I love to spend time with my family. More about what Christmas means to me is singing carols, learning and going to church about Christ, doing traditions, and counting down the day till Christmas with an advent calendar. Giving is another thing what Christmas means to me. What does Christmas mean to you?”

Carrie Penley

” What Christmas means to me is having fun, being thankful, and celebrating the birth of Jesus at church. The most special thing about Christmas is getting to see my family. Sometimes I get up really early and wake up my mom and dad and he calls our family to come over and get their presents and open them. Then we eat our holiday breakfast which is really good. That is what Christmas means to me.”

Chase Long

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