What Christmas Means to Me

Elkin Elementary School

Mrs. Bullins

Second Grade

Christmas means celebrating Jesus birthday and haveing a good time with family. I tell Santa what I want for Christmas. I sit on his lap. I decorate the tree with ornaments and have fun! I love Christmas! Christmas is special to me!!

Emma Colbert 8 years old

Christmas is all about Jesus birthday. Also my family eats lots of food at Christmas. God id Jesuses father. We decorate Christmas trees. We like to play in the snow at Christmas. Sometimes we have turkey at Christmas, I like that. I hope you have a good Christmas!

Richard Van 7 years old

Christmas is special! Santa is special because he gives me presents. He gives me what I want. I love Santa. Presents are special because I get from wish listwhat ever I ‘ll get, I say thank you. I sometimes get special gifts. Jesus is in my heart. Jesus is special because he made me. He is very very nice. I hope you have a good Christmas.

Zayleigh tanner 8 years old

Trees are very special around Christmas. Trees help us so we can put ornaments on them. Trees help Santa know where to put the presents. Santa is so jolly around Christmas. Santa puts presants under the tree. Santa even has a sled to ride on. Elves are so jolly. Elves love us. Elves are so funny. I Love Christmas!

Ava Burton 8 years old

Jesus is a kind person. Jesus birthday is on Christmas. Jesus is very important. Christmas trees are decorated by ornaments. Christmas trees look beautiful. Christmas trees can be big and small. I love hot cocoa. Hot cocoa is for cold days. I like to drink hot cocoa. Happr Birthday Jesus!

Jocelyn Johnson 7 years old

Christmas means when Jesus was born. Christmas means being with family and friends. I love to go to my grandma’s house at Christmas. We play there with all my cousins and open presents. I get to go to my other grandma’s the next day. It is a blast too! It is my faverite time of the year!

Autumn Whitley 7 years old

Christmas means Chrits because its Jesus Birthday. Jesus us soecial because he is God’s son. He died on the cross for our sins. Christmas also means Elves too. Elves are very cute, Elves are very funny. Elves are verry creative! Christmas also means snow because snow is really fun! You can sled on snow! Snow is edible. I love Christmas!!!

Caleb White 7 years old

I am glad I have a family. My family takes care of me. My family loves each other. Jesus Christ was born on Christmas day. Jesus Christ loves eveyone. Everyone should believe in Jesus, You should give presents at Christmas. You should give thanks too. You should give love to all. Enjoy your Christmas!

Lauren Norman 7 years old

On Christmas we celebrate Jesus Birthday. I like to make snowmen. I like to have snowball fights and sled. When I wake up toys are under the tree. I open the toys that Santa brings me. I like playing with the toys.

Ashton Whisenhunt 7 years old

I like Christmas because I care about my family. Sometimes I feel bad about my family if they get sick. I feel happy at home. Christmas feels happy to me. I like when families get together and we all be friends, God gave me a good family to spend Christmas with.

Fernando Segovia 8 years old

I love Christmas! I like the presents that Santa gives me. I like the snow on Christmas. You can build a snowman. I think that Christmas is my favorite holiday.

Gian Garcia 8 years old

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I like to wake up in the morning and see all of the presents Santa left me. Christmas is about giving and sharing. Christmas is about what you give not what you get. Joy is in the air at Christmas. It is everywhere during that time. Christmas is about love. I love my family!

Anslee Prevette 8 years old

Christmas is special because Jesus is special. He was born on the 24th December. That is his birthday. He died on the cross for us. He sacrificed his life for our sins.

Matthew Thomas 8 years old

Chrismas is God’s birthday! I like to celebrate God’s birthday at Christmas. I like to drink hot chocolate. I like to make decorations. I like to make cookies with my mom. i like to make gingerbread boys and girls. I like Christmas.

Jennifer Ho 7 years old

This is why christmas is special to me, Jesus birthday. Also I get to spend Christmas with my family. that is why I love Christmas so much. Also dont forget about presents. I love having a family, shelter, food and water. Having clothes to wear and shoes to wear to schoolis a need. I’m glad I have what I need at Christmas,

McKenzie Carter 7 years old

Christmas means Jesus. He is special and the son of God. It also means family is nice, funny and good. It also means God is creatoe of the world. I love Christmas!

Christopher Pometto 8 year old

What Christmas means to me is Jesus is born in a manger, and we be perfect. He lived to be 33 years old. Three kings came to see Jesus and three sheperds came to see Jesus. An angel came too. God is Jesus dad. He is perfect. He made you and me. He made you and you and you and you too. Mary is Jesus is mom. She is not always perfect. She lived longer then Jesus. I don’t know how long she lived! Do you know how long she lived? Merry Christmas!!!

Ryder Russell 8 years old

Christmas means love one another and to give presents. Having joy around Christmas and being with family and friends is Christmas. Having Santa visit us every year and singing funny songs is fun.I love songs. We eat Christmas treats and fill up all the stockings. We have a happy holiday.

Eli Perez 7 years old

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