What Christmas Means to Me

Traphill Elementary School

Christie Harrison

Fourth Grade

To me Christmas means my life. I would give my life for Jesus’s birthday. P.S. Happy Birthday Jesus.

Bobby W.

What Christmas means to me is that you spend time with your family and you get to open Christmas presents and also spend time with God and also have fun in the snow and to give joy and happiness with all my family and Christmas also means Gods birthday.

Lesley B.

Christmas means to me a time of joy and being happy. It also is a time to celebrate Jesus birthday. i love Christmas because it’s a time everybody is happy and fun. This is a nice time of year because it snows and snow looks nice.

Weston K.

It means when Jesus was born in the manager. Another reason is the hole family getting together and getting to see me family. The other reason is the presants. I love the presants what ever I get I will appreciate them. I love my family.

Jolie W.

Christmas means to me is spending time with family and by celebrating Jesus birthday and we spend time opening presents and eating.


Christmas to me is spending time with family and by celebrating Jesus’s birthday. We spend all night together opening presents, eating and most of all having fun together.

Caleb C.

Christmas!!! means to me aboutr God’s birth. Also to spend time with our family. Also to read the Bible. Also to eat and spend time to open presents with family and also to have fun together with relitivs and family members.

Isaiah B.

What Christmas means to me is Jesus Birthday. I love Jesus an I love hetting presents. My most favorite part of Christmas is that I get to decorate my house and a Christmas treeand put lights on my house.

Hunter W.

Chrstmas means to me presits and family abd frends and Baby Jesus. Why Baby Jesus you might ask well he was Born on Chrstmas that whats it means to me. How about you.

Hunter G.

What Christmas means to me is exitement and lights because when you go passed houses theyare all decorated for christmas. You can see Christmas treesin the window. You can see all the lights on the out side and the suprises under.

Chrisalee G.

The Holy Ghost

Bradley D.

Christmas means Celbrating Jesus birthday. When he was born in a Stable.

Lillie E.

Christmas means to me about Jesus birthday because thats more enpornet then open in presents. Also getting a tree. plus Jesus is god’s son. Jesus is all good things. Also the reson I sed Jesus mens Christmas to me is bcaous if it haden of bin for his father god. We wouldent be her and and we wouldent have the stuf We have right now. because he mde vry thing.

Joseph H.

Christmas means giving and it is the day we celebrate Jesus’s birthday.

Tori C

To me Christmas means to give and getting presents and waiting for santa to come.

Travis R.

What Christmas means to me is that it is Gods Birthday,and it’s all about giving not getting, also about caring about others. So thats what Christmas means to me.

Elisabeth H.

Christmas means celebrating Jesus Christ’s Birthday when he was born in satble & was laid in a manger.

Emily H.

Christmas means we celebrate Jesus & when he was born and we get presents and cookies.

Peyton S.

Christmas means god was born and Santa Clause. I know Christmas is not all about Santa it is gods birthday. I love getting presents from people. But just remember christmas is abouy gods birthday too!!!!

Emma R.

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