What Christmas Means to Me

Elkin Elementary School

Pamela A. Land

Second Grade

Christmas means celebrating Jesus’ birthday. I like to sing songs with my family. I like to play in the snow and go sledding. I like to eat a special breakfast on Christmas Day.

Sarah Adams

Christmas is the time to get in the holiday spirit and think about God and Jesus. I think Christmas is the best holiday ever and fun too! Don’t forget your family, friends, and teachers too! Merry Christmas everyone!

Kimberly Alvarez

We go to my family’s house on Christmas. We open presents and decorate. My dad doesn’t like decorating. We call him Grinch! We put cookies out for Santa. When my mommy and daddy are sleeping I tiptoe into their bedroom. I say, “Santa came!” But they think I got coal.

Chloe Bell

Christmas means a lot to me. It is a time where I think of God and Jesus. We get to open presents from Santa and play with them. We eat breakfast after we open our presents. Then we play games. Merry Christmas!

Deuce Best

Christmas means it’s Jesus’ birthday. I get to open presents and look in my stocking. I get to play with my family. All these things is what Christmas means to me.

Kaiden Brown

I like Christmas because I get to call Santa Claus so I can tell him what I want. I get to open presents. I like to spend time with Sean, mom, and dad.

Preston Burke

Christmas means a lot to me. Christmas means spending time with family and opening presents. We sing Christmas songs and have fun! Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!

William Finger

I love Christmas because I can write a note to Santa. I like to decorate my house and my Christmas tree!

Kevin Fuentes – Teodoro

Christmas means a lot to me. Santa comes and gives gifts. I spend time with my family, friends, grandparents, and my dad. I give Santa cookies and milk. We decorate our Christmas tree. Merry Christmas!

Ralph Garcia

Christmas is a time to be joyful and happy. We wake up in the morning and go to the den to open our presents. Mom and dad fix breakfast after we open our presents. My whole family loves Christmas!

Ava Golden

Christmas means a lot to me. I like having lunch, dinner, and decorating our trees with my family. I like opening presents and spending time with my family and friends. I play in the snow when it snows. I love Christmas!

Ethan Harwell

I love Christmas because it is a good holiday. We open our presents. We have a sleepover time. We play with our toys and have a good time on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Hector Hernandez

Christmas means many things to me. We decorate our tree with an angel on top. We also get Angel Tree cards. We make and eat cookies. We leave Santa a plate of cookies with milk and carrots for the reindeer. We open presents from Santa, mommy, and daddy.

Kendall Luster

Christmas is special to me because I get to spend time with my family. I also like to make gifts for my family because I don’t like getting presents. I like giving them. I like seeing Santa at the mall. I like singing Christmas songs like Jingle Bells. Merry Christmas!

Daylin Ouellette

Christmas is special to me. It means going to church, playing games, and singing songs. We play basketball and hide and seek. We open presents. Sometimes I dress up as Santa and dress grandma’s dog as Rudolph! Merry Christmas!

Karson Phillips

Christmas means a lot to me. My family goes to my grandparents house. We celebrate and drink hot cocoa. We decorate the tree with ornaments and put a star on the top. Sometimes we dress our dog up as Rudolph too!

Hunter Plowman

Christmas means many things to me. Christmas makes me happy. Me and my family make cookies. I like waking up on Christmas morning. Santa gives us presents like a phone. Santa loves us very much. I love Santa too and the cookies.

Aaliyah Pritchard

Christmas means many things to me. I get to see my family. We celebrate Jesus’ birthday, open presents, and spend a lot of time with my family. That is what Christmas means to me. Merry Christmas everybody!

Gavin Sloan

Christmas is special to me. We celebrate Jesus’ birthday. I see my family. My brother and I sleep in his bed on Christmas Eve. My mom and dad bring us downstairs with our eyes closed. We look at and open our presents. Merry Christmas to my family and the world!

Bryson Whitley

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