What Christmas Means to Me

Ronda-Clingman Elementary School

Mrs. Brinegar

Fourth Grade

Christmas to me means spending time with my family, but sometimes my family and friends. It also means getting presents because they make me happy. Another thing is cheer and celebrating with everyone else.

Kadence E.

What Christmas means to me is when we all get together. We give gifts and get gifts. When daddy picks me up, I stand on his shoulders, put the star on the tree, and put ornaments on the tree. Then we watch a movie.

Phoenix B.

Christmas is spending time with my family, opening presents, playing with my presents, and having a good time. I go to other people’s houses that I know and open presents.

Logan S.

Baby Jesus is born on Christmas. I like to celebrate Jesus birthday. He saved all our sins and died on the cross. He rose again the third day.

Tyler C.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem under the star of Bethlehem. Christmas is when we celebrate His birthday, and we go to church to worship him. It also means I get to spend time with my family, eat breakfast with them, and open presents.

Brea J.

Christmas means Jesus was born. Christmas is about giving, not getting. Christmas is the time meant for my family to get together. December 15th is the day. I get to see my friends from East Wilkes High School. Before we go on break, I get to see all of my friends and the best teacher in the world. On Christmas, I get to see the little Christmas tree and its little ornaments.

Jazmin G.

What Christmas means to me is I get to spend time with my family. Christmas is a time to bring people together and have fun.

Olivia C.

Christmas means a lot to me because I get to spend time with my family and other people get to spend time with their family. It is about giving and not getting. Christmas is one of the best holidays ever!

Logan B.

Christmas means a lot to me because I get presents. I get to open all the presents on Christmas morning which is an awesome time.

Scottie H.

What Christmas means to me is Jesus Christ was born on that day. It seems to put everyone in a good mood. It all seems so special and is!

Chris K.

What Christmas means to me is it was the day baby Jesus was born. He died on the cross for my sins and rose again on the third day. Also, it is His birthday. I love Christmas!

Croslee A.

Christmas means you go with your family because you might not be able to see them during the year. It’s not about getting toys. You should be with everybody and read the Bible. You should celebrate Christmas because that’s Jesus birthday. If you love Jesus on Christmas, he would love you even more than he did before.

Khalil H.

It is spending time with my family and having a good time. It means sharing and celebrating God’s birthday. It is no all about presents. It is having a good time and not fighting. That is what Christmas means to me.

Jada Q.

Christmas means it is Jesus birthday. You get to spend time with your family. On Christmas, you can open gifts and give gifts. Christmas to me is a day about family.

Taylin L.

Christmas to me is celebrating the birth of baby Jesus. He died on the cross for our sins and came back three days after.

Payton L.

What Christmas means to me…It means time to worship Jesus. It means the Big Birthday. It means it is the holy time of the year. It also means Jesus gave the gift of giving.

Da’Naja B.

What Christmas means to me is that I get to stay home with my family and celebrate Jesus’ birthday. I ask Santa to grant me a Christmas wish to have a happy time with my family. I like to ask for toys but not very much every year.

Hannah Mc.

What Christmas means to me is not about the presents, it’s about celebrating Jesus’ birthday, the birth of Christ. I mean I still like getting presents, but Jesus is more than getting presents. You get to spend more time with your family too.

Lauren S.

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