What Christmas Means to Me

Jonesville Elementary School

Lisa Roberts

Third Grade

Christmas means spending time with my family and gathering around the Christmas tree. When everyone comes, I get to put the star on the top of the tree. I love spending time with my family on Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Cara Horton

Christmas means excitement and happiness! On Christmas morning my sister and I wake up early. We go in the living room and open presents.

Draven Marion

Christmas means giving to others. Giving to people in need. I give toys to kids who don’t’ have any. It also means spending time with your family. I like spending time with my own family. I like giving them presents too!

Jacob Palsrok

Christmas means spending time with family. On Christmas, my grandparents come to my house to celebrate with us. Then we eat breakfast together. Later, my grandma fixes sweet potatoes and chicken soup. After dinner, we open our stockings and presents. My Grandparents give me lots of presents! We have fun times together!

Tatum Finney

Christmas is celebrating Jesus’ birthday. Christmas means you can spend time with your family. Opening presents on Christmas Day is fun. I also like Christmas because you can play in the snow. I throw snowballs at my brother. I love Christmas a lot!

Molly Swaim

What Christmas means to me is that Jesus was born. That is what it is all about. It is not about the presents or the food. It is about Jesu’s’ birthday. He died on the cross for us so we could at least celebrate his birthday.

Emmy Whitaker

Christmas means that I get to visit my family and spend a lot of time with them. It reminds me so much of when Christ came down and sacrificed his blood and his body for us. It’s about giving to other people too. That’s what Christmas means.

Cole Freed

Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. It is a time to get presents like toys, clothes, shoes, and bikes. I love spending time with my family gathered around the Christmas tree.

Davion Williams

Christmas means Christ! I love his birthday. I love the manger. God gave us the present of his Son. That is why we give presents. It is the time to give to others. It is a time to be with family. I love Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Tyler Minton

Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. He is our father. We get to celebrate his birthday. It is also a time to open presents from Santa on Christmas morning.

Makayla Franklin

Christmas means spending time with family. On Christmas we wait until everyone gets to my house. Then we eat breakfast. I always get up early. When I see all my presents, I can’t wait to rip them open. I always get the most. I love my family being together.

Carley Money

Christmas is all about JESUS. Jesus was born on this day. That is why we call it Christmas. Some people don’t celebrate Christmas because they do not believe in Jesus. The joy in Jesus is big. We can spread this joy by giving presents and showing love to others. Merry Christmas!

Blake Franse

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