Schools gear up for annual GIVE FIVE-READ FIVE campaign

By Shannon Macy Swaim - For The Tribune

In an effort to support summer reading, Elkin City Schools, along with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, are participating in the GIVE FIVE-READ FIVE campaign again this year.

During the summer months, students often lose valuable literacy skills when they stop reading during their break from school. This is often called “summer loss or summer slump.” Some students are especially susceptible to this problem because they often go home to an environment where there are very few books or other reading resources.

Based on recent research, children who do not read over the summer may fall two and a half to three months behind their peers in literacy skills. As a result, by the end of fifth grade, many of these students are about two and a half years behind in terms of reading ability. Literacy skills serve as the core foundation for students learning at every grade level and every course. Students with strong reading skills are more likely to remain in school and graduate prepared for higher education and the workplace.

The goal of this reading initiative is that all elementary school students receive five books to read over the summer. As a part of this effort, the school system is asking parents, business leaders and members of the community to donate five new or gently-used books to Elkin Elementary School.

The schools need the community’s support and assistance. If community members choose to join in this effort, donations may be dropped off at the Elkin City Schools Central Office or the Elkin Public Library. The students at each of the Elkin City Schools also are busy collecting books to donate at each school site and give to the GIVE FIVE-READ FIVE campaign benefiting the elementary school students.

Students are turning in their books at their respective schools to see how many books can be turned in to reach the GIVE FIVE-READ FIVE summer goals of the campaign. The school system expressed its sincere appreciation to all of its parents, business, and community partners joining in this effort to support the students with their summer reading goals. School officials believe this will increase student success for next school year and beyond.

The Give Five-Read Five Summer book collection is from April 11 through May 27. Contact Shannon Macy Swaim, ECS K-12 curriculum specialist, at 336-835-2756 for further information.

Shannon Macy Swaim is the Elkin City Schools K-12 curriculum specialist.

By Shannon Macy Swaim

For The Tribune

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