Letter to the editor

To the Editor,

Farewell, Mrs. Thomasson

To the woman who tamed the 3D printer and utilized the Dewey Decimal System with finesse:

I recently heard of your retirement plans, Mrs. Thomasson. I will need to adjust to the idea you won’t be my next door librarian. I had hoped we would both retire together, seeing as I have only 26 more years to go. Alas, it was not to be.

After countless days working together on chromebook initiatives, apps, and digital platforms, it’s safe to say we’ve had our fill of 21st century skills (I’m taking the liberty of speaking on behalf of the entire English department). But don’t worry, Mrs. Thomasson. Come next school year we will wake up wide-eyed and bushy-tailed — perhaps out of fear or anxiety — for that legendary chromebook rollout, minus one. You will be missed.

We won’t forget the extra effort you put into our teacher appreciation tokens and other holiday gifts, either. Of course, this meant that you taught the media assistants an important life lesson: hard labor without pay. But it was so worth it to see those cute items left in our staff boxes. Again, you will be missed.

Without your help in research, informational books, and countless other things, I don’t think we teachers could have survived under the weight of The Research Paper. Students across the county shudder at those words. Thank you for being a beacon in the storm and a wealth of knowledge. You will be missed.

Finally, the school wide inventory list, your prized possession, will not go undone despite your retirement. I’m sure that another highly-qualified staff member will be involuntarily selected for this role, most likely Mr. Petree. You will be sorely missed.

Mrs. Thomasson, you have been an invaluable resource, supportive coworker, and a caring friend to us all. Thank you for all the diligent hard work and extra hours you have invested in this school to inspire children to read and enrich their learning. Our students are all the better for it.

Congratulations on a well-deserved retirement, but remember you will be missed!

Best wishes,

Laura Cave

Starmount High Teacher and Newspaper Editor

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