Evolutionists prey on the ignorance of the majority

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Hosea 4:6a — My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…

Today’s scientists (and their followers) who teach and emphatically support all things evolution commit a logical fallacy called equivocation, or the “bait and switch” fallacy. When asked for real evidence to support their molecules to man hypothesis, they point to examples of natural selection.

To make this simple, natural selection is, for instance, when animals adapt to their environment. Let me give you an example. Let’s say two dogs get together, one with long fur (with the genes to produce offspring with long fur) and one with short fur (with the genes to produce offspring with short fur). Since one of the parent dogs has the genes for long fur and one for short fur, then the offspring can have any combination of these genes, or just one set of genes from either parent, thus producing either long, short or even medium length furs. Natural selection kicks in depending on the environment. If this family of dogs were living in an extremely cold environment and some of the babies were born with long fur, some medium, and some short, guess which ones will survive better? The environment kills off those who are not well prepared for the environment. Those who remain (the ones with long fur), depending on which genes it received from its parents, will never again produce babies with short fur, because the DNA information needed to do so is lost. So now, every time an offspring is produced by these new long furred offspring, they will only have babies with long fur. The opposite applies in a family of these dogs in hotter climates. Those with the shorter fur will survive better, and will eventually produce only dogs with shorter fur. This is a very simplified description of what natural selection is and how it takes place, although it is much more technical and complicated than this. But what I want you to understand is the fact that with natural selection, a loss of information in the DNA occurs in order for something to adapt to its environment.

Next, if you go to the dictionary, you will find that most (if not all) words have more than one definition. Therefore, depending on how you use the word in a sentence, every word can have more than one meaning. The word evolution is no different. In my example above of natural selection, evolution did occur, but only in the sense that things ‘changed’, which is one of the definitions of the word evolution. Things can ‘change’, and therefore the word evolution is used correctly in that sense. So in my dog example above, things did change in order for its descendants to adapt to their environments. But evolution in the sense that things can evolve, or change from one kind of animal to another, DID NOT occur. In other words, this dog family didn’t change into cats, or polar bears, or possums, or anything else. They only changed into more dogs. Changing into another animal of the same kind is not the same thing as changing into a completely different animal, which is effectively what the evolutionists would have us believe. Changing from one ‘kind’ into another ‘kind’ is NOT possible.

This is where I get to the point of my title to this article. As I said in the beginning, if you were to ask an evolutionist to point to evidence as proof of evolution, they will point to natural selection as their proof. But this “evidence” does not prove evolution, in the sense that all living things have changed from one kind to another kind. In my opinion, the majority of the public does not understand how the word evolution is misused with this “bait and switch” tactic, and instead of questioning what is being told them, they just accept it as being the same thing. It is also my opinion that the evolutionist community knows this is true, and intentionally continues to deceive the public in order to advance their cause.

Again, evolution in the sense that all things evolved from one common ancestor is impossible, and has never been observed by any scientist on any level. But evolution in the sense that things change, like adaptation or natural selection, is possible, only because of a ‘loss’ of information. So things can ‘change’ within the ‘kinds’ of animals or plants, but things cannot change from one ‘kind’ to another. Therefore fish cannot change into frogs, or birds to dinosaurs, or apes to men. Now frogs for example can produce various other species of frogs, but they are still just frogs. And birds can produce other species of birds, but they are still just birds, and people can produce other species (types) of people, but they are still just people. And they can only remain as frogs, or birds, or people. This applies to all living things.

So people didn’t change into the people kind from the ape (or ape-like) kind, because it is impossible. And science has never proven this is possible. If it were possible, info in the DNA would have to be added to accommodate the changes which has never happened, nor has ever been observed to occur. And this is the way God designed it, because we find in Genesis 1 how God created all creatures and plants “after their kind”. So to recap, natural selection is about a ‘loss’ of DNA information, while evolution (molecules to man) is about a ‘gain’ in DNA information. Therefore, when an evolutionist points to natural selection as their evidence of evolution, he/she is actually misleading you. We have been deceived by the evolutionary community for far too long. It’s time we stop allowing their censorship of the Biblical account of creation in our classrooms and television, and it’s time the truth gets out. It’s also time we Christians stop remaining ignorant of the truth, and research what we’re being told. Ignorance harms us, hence my opening Scripture of what God said…“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”

Many of you who are Christians read my articles and wonder “Why does he think these subjects are so important?” I have to answer that by saying, if you understood how the teachings of evolution has impacted the thinking of the world as a whole in regards to our Bible, then you can better understand my drive for writing these articles, and why I preach on these topics in our Creation Conferences. It is ALL about whether or not our Bible is true. If it is proven wrong in the historical matters as recorded in the book of Genesis, then how can we trust the gospel message (the spiritual matters), which comes out of the same book? In John 3:12, Jesus said “If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things?” Rationally, we have no reason to believe the gospel message of the Bible, if the historical message of the Bible is not true. I do agree the gospel message is the most important message in the entire Word of God, but if Satan has sabotaged that message by convincing multitudes of people that the book it comes out of can’t be trusted, then it is vital that we spend time dealing with the source of the problem first, which are the attacks on God’s Word itself, specifically in the book of Genesis. So the point of my articles is to “contend for the faith” (Jude 1:3) and to show that God’s Word has answers (1 Peter 3:15) for the tough questions posed by evolutionists and skeptics of the Bible, and is therefore true, even in the very beginning (Ps. 119:160).

I want to close by announcing an exciting event coming up on February 4th taking place at the Creation Museum’s 900 seat Legacy Hall in Kentucky. Tickets went on sale this week and sold out in 2 minutes. It is a debate between creationist Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis Ministries (and the Creation Museum), and evolutionist Bill Nye the Science Guy. The topic will be, “Is creation a viable model of origins?” Since brother Ken announced this event the first week of January this year, the news has went viral, and it has received much support and has had its fair share of criticism from both sides of the argument. I for one am excited about this event because in my opinion, it is the first significant debate as far as world-wide publicity is concerned since the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925. PBS.org stated the following about this trial, “The Scopes trial forever changed fundamentalism in America. The national media…mocked Bryan and his ‘Bible belt’ followers…[and]…influenced historian’s depictions of Bryan, the Scopes trial, and fundamentalism itself for years afterwards.” I am convinced this debate can be the turning point to help the world see how the Bible does have good, solid, logical answers, which are not as crazy as they have been made to believe by the evolutionary community. Details are being worked out as to how to broadcast this event live, and will be announced soon. See AnswersInGenesis.org for more details.

We need to pray for brother Ken and this debate, that God will use him mightily in this VERY public event. In the meantime, study your Bibles and trust what God said more than what man says about our origins. Men tell lies (Rom. 3:4, Ps. 116:11) but God NEVER lies (Titus 1:2).

Evangelist Chris Caudill can be reached at HeNeverGaveUp@aol.com.

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