Wonderful April

By George Wollin

April 14, 2014

I have always enjoyed the month of April for many reasons. Though spring starts in March, it seems to take into April before the weather really feels like spring.

Then, there is the fun and foolishness of April 1, April Fool’s Day. That day almost cost me a job, when I left my banking boss a silly note.

If one is a student or works in education, you feel like you can, finally, see the end of the school year. And, that is a good feeling, indeed.

Easter gives us a time that we can reflect on what has been done for us and try to appreciate its full meaning.

Uncle Sam reaches out for a chunk of our income made the previous year and gives us until April 15th to pay up.

April 9th is special to our family as my wife was born on that date, as was her only child, a daughter. April 9th, also, was the passing of a wonderful lady, my wife’s mother, and my dear mother-in-law.

April 27th marked the birth of my father in Milwaukee, Wis. So, good luck to Wisconsin in the national basketball tournament.

It is a wonderful month. I trust you will enjoy it, too.

George Wollin is an Elkin resident.