Elkin youth scores ace at Cedarbrook

By Jim Fuller jfuller@civitasmedia.com

March 26, 2014

March 2 was a beautiful Sunday afternoon to play a round of golf at Cedarbrook Country Club.

James Owings, his father Steve, and family friend Dwight Isenhoward took advantage of it.

And 9-year-old James did something most adults are still trying to do when they’re 39, 49, or even 59.

A hole in one.

James, of Elkin, achieved the hole-in-one from the gold tees on No. 6 at Cedarbrook while his father and Isenhoward looked on. Steve said the ball “went seven, eight feet past the hole and rolled back in. We all three saw it go in.”

“I was excited when it went in,” James said. “I didn’t think it was going in.”

James called his mother, Autumn, to tell her about the hole-in-one. “She didn’t believe me,” James said. “I had to tell her four times.”

“That’s true,” Autumn said. “I said, ‘you’re joking with me, James. You didn’t make a hole-in-one.’

“I made him put Steve on the phone.”

James, who used a 3-wood to score the 130-yard ace, said the hole-in-one has made him want to play golf even more.

“It’s the one sport he really loves,” Steve said.

“I want to play every minute; every day,” James said. “It was awesome.”

There has been a side effect since James made the hole-in-one. “He thinks now he’s shooting to make a hole-in-one every time he plays a par 3,” Steve said. “We played a par 3 (course) this past weekend. He said, ‘I got 18 chances to make a hole-in-one.’”

James has an older sister, Caroline, 12. Steve, who gave James his first set of clubs at age 3, said Caroline wasn’t interested in the set up clubs he gave her at an early age.

Steve said he and James try to play as much as three times a week, even it it’s only five holes.

James plays competitive golf through the Tar Heel Youth Golf Association.

“He is really good,” Steve said.

Jim Fuller may be reached at 336-835-1513 or on Twitter @elkinareasports.