Stone Mountain News

By Ola K. Norman

March 19, 2014

Seth Fairchild, the grandson of Walter and Wanda Hutchinson, has been fighting cancer for around two years now. He’s having to deal with it again now and will be having surgery for the second time within the month this week. On March 29, he will celebrate his 18th birthday. To encourage him and let him know he’s in our thoughts and prayers, would you send him a birthday card around March 24 so he will get lots of cards on his birthday? Send to Seth Fairchild at 1438 Toggenburg St., Patterson, CA 95363.

There will be a chili and cheese sandwich supper at the BROC Austin meal site on Saturday, beginning at 5 p.m. There will be music and cakewalks and lots of good fellowship.

Monday will be Traphill Day at the Friends of the Wilkes County Library Book Sale. The sale is at 313B Ninth St. and the entrance is at the back of the building with parking off of D Street. Traphill Friends will be manning the sale and the proceeds will go to them to help with needs at the Traphill Branch Library.

Books ready to check out at Traphill Branch Library include “There’s Always Tomorrow” by Darlene Mindrup, “Unintentionally Yours” by Terry Fowler, “Guard Duty” by Sharon Dunn, “Protector” by Diana Palmer, “Corduroy’s Trick or Treat” by Don Freeman, “Glitter Bugs Caterpillar’s Wish” by Katie Hewat, “How Many Veggies?” by Phill Vischer, “Mealtime Prayers” by Alan and Linda Parry, “Bob’s Busy Year” by Tricia Boczowski, “Fizzy Fire Engine” by Andy Rector, and “The Wheels on the Bus.”

Watch the newspaper for pictures and stories of Josh Bare in the sports section. He’s doing a great job of playing sports and is now beginning the baseball season. Keep up the good work, Josh.

Get well wishes go to Walter Lewis Kennedy, who had a knee replacement recently. Hope he recovers real fast.

Condolences go to the families of F.A. Royal and Louise Anderson, who died last Saturday. They will be greatly missed by all who knew them.

Happy birthday wishes go to Paula Byrd, Gary Jolly, Brittany Mason, Kenny McGrady, Tarnie W. Adams and Velda Transou on March 17; Keith Hawkins on March 18; Fred Adams , Nicole Somers and Reveley McGrady on March 19; Jamie Johnson on March 21; Bonnie Brooks and Loreen Holbrook on March 22; and James Holbrook and Margaret Stanley on March 23.

Happy anniversary wishes go to Jamey and Shelia Cranford, who celebrate their 21st anniversary on March 19.

Traphill had a low temperature of 25.3 degrees on March 14 and a high temperature of 80 degrees on March 11. There was .5 inch of rain during the week of March 10-16 in Traphill.