Mayor highlights some retreat items

By Anthony Gonzalez agonzalez@civitasmedia.com

February 28, 2014

Mayor Lestine Hutchens reflected on the 2014 Retreat Agenda, a two-day series of seminars and discussions held by the Elkin Board of Commissioners last weekend.

According to the mayor, the retreat provided an opportunity for commissioners to toss in or out ideas pertaining to Elkin’s agenda moving forward.

The meetings were held in The Elkin Center.

Hutchens said Friday night featured important notables including Surry County Board of Commissioners R.F. “Buck” Golding, Eddie Harris and Larry Phillips.

“The county commissioners were able to provide us with great insight on things they’re working on, initiatives that Elkin would like, and to flush out some ideas for Surry and Elkin that may not be practical right now,” said Hutchens.

Hutchens said she was intrigued by an additional guest, Todd Tucker of Surry County Economic Development Partnership, who provided a nuts and bolts discussion on strategies that could develop a piece of town parcel into a spec building.

“We do have a site on PGW Boulevard that we own. We are reviewing the costs — positives and negatives — of a potential spec building on the site. As this is a certified site, and that it can build as large as 300,000 square feet, we did have a give and take discussion with Tucker to determine the realities of what we may seek to explore.”

On financial health, Hutchens highlighted that Elkin’s fund balance had grown over the last year by 10 percent. According to records, Elkin’s fund balance increased from $1,586,868 to $1,902,986.

According to Hutchens, Elkin Finance Director John Holcomb also provided financial data to commissioners outlining Elkin’s sales tax revenues, outstanding property taxes, a tax collection history, capital funding requirements, contribution to the water/sewer fund, and a history of grants received by the town.

On water, Hutchens said that commissioners discussed the pipeline leading from the reservoir to the water plant.

“Right now the banks have been washed away. Pipe is exposed. The line is going to need repair,” said Hutchens.

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