Evicted cat finds new home

By Anthony Gonzalez agonzalez@civitasmedia.com

February 19, 2014

A homeless cat who was recently given the boot by a local homeless shelter has been adopted.

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Drew White of 207 Tad Lane in Elkin are now the confirmed parents of Boots, a short-haired domestic cat.

According to the new parents, Boots is very happy and in good spirits on their family farm. Boots slept on the foot of their bed in their first night. He ate well, enjoys looking outside onto the farm, and loves playing with their grandson, Drew.

The homeless cat was a resident of The Ark, a woman’s homeless shelter which provides supportive services for women and families.

“Unfortunately, because of pet allergies among staff and Ark guests, it’s not possible for her to live inside at The Ark,” said Jane Motsinger of the Ark previously.

Boots was living in the basement of The Ark shelter for the past three to four years, according to Motsinger.

Boots was booted at a time when weather locally had dipped to single digit temperatures, thus making the cat vulnerable to freezing temperatures. Boots was placed in a cage at The Elkin Veterinary Hospital. Boots eventually made way to the home of advertising representative Robbin King of The Tribune.

“I was the foster mother,” said King, who was enthusiastic about Boots’ adoption.

“I have to say the cat is in great spirits. I want to mention that Dr. Brinegar has been there for Boots throughout her time in Elkin,” said King. Along with Dr. Brinegar, King wanted to thank everyone involved in trying to find Boots a suitable home.

“That’s a nice compliment. I am very pleased that Boots has found a new home. We love Boots,” said Brinegar. “A new home is an adjustment thing. I have found that adoptions work really well, especially if they don’t have other pets.”

According to King, Brinegar of the Animal Ark provided free shelter, shots and even food for Boots over the course of the last few years.

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