Letter to Editor

By Wendy Byerly Wood

January 31, 2014

To the editor,

A lot of people I talk to say they’re not in favor of a big-government, social-welfare type approach to medical care. Forget the fact that the older of these people wouldn’t forgo Medicare, seeming to not understand or be willing to ignore that Medicare is a government program that works quite well for them. Putting that aside, they’re up in arms about the Affordable Care Act. Apparently they favor the way it was, when anyone who could afford to provide themselves with health insurance could refuse to pay for it. When their medical bills piled up to the point they couldn’t pay them, the rest of us got stuck with the bill. Also, insurance rates and costs for health care went up for the rest of us. That was big-government, socialized medicine at its worst. Now, the Affordable Care Act requires people who can afford health insurance to take personal responsibility and purchase their own from private companies that operate in a competitive free-market. Of course, since North Carolina lawmakers refused to set up an exchange system at no additional cost, there’s not much competition in this state, but you’ll have to ask your NC State Representative how that makes any sense. Despite the lies and attempts to scare people away from buying their own health insurance, 274,163 North Carolinians signed up for healthcare in December. And I just heard from someone in Hendersonville who’s son bought a nice plan for $120.00 a month. As for the North Carolina state legislators who refused to set up a competitive state exchange and otherwise work against the full implementation of the law, you have to wonder where their heads are and who they’re really concerned about. And this Tillis guy you see on TV carrying on about how he’s going to undo the Affordable Care Act, you have to wonder exactly who he gets all the money from for those ads.

Richard Swart