By George Wollin

January 10, 2014

The first three letters of “diet” explain the word, you feel like you will.

It’s a new year and that means more food, I mean, less food. I want to lose, too.

I have looked hard at my usual daily routine: a snackie before breakfast; breakfast; a little mid-morning snackie; lunch; snackies at 2:00 and 4:00; supper; a snackie while watching TV; finally, a midnight snackie. The good thing is that I don’t snack in-between snackies. I guess I could consolidate two snackies into one.

I realized that I might want to diet on Christmas Day. I was walking out of Ryan’s with a cone of ice cream in one hand and a sugar cookie in the other. It’s easy to think “diet” when you are full. It’s a lot harder when you start getting hungry.

I do need to make some changes, though. I guess I could start with moving the ice cream machine beside my bed. That’s just a little too much temptation. I could move it into the living room beside my easy chair.

But, it’s 2014 and that brings new hope. I just wish I hadn’t just joined a procrastinator’s club as an officer. I need to be a good member and be loyal to it.

Summed up, our motto means “wait.” So, to do it right, I would have to resign and, then, start this diet thing.

I will — tomorrow.

George Wollin is an Elkin resident.