Letter to editor - Wollin

By Wendy Wood

November 27, 2013

To the editor,

I am thankful for: Goldfish, whereI can extract gold

A heap of Halloween candy

Trains that stay on track

Cartoons that I understand

That I know more than just one and two-letter words when playing Scrabble

The movie, “Mama Mia,” about a missing father

That in Algebra, you can make “knowns” from “unknowns”

That “pew” doesn’t mean “smells bad” in church

Freebies, even if you don’t even need them

Short lines

That “Gone with the Wind” stayed around

Strong kite strings

Rabbits that are “hare today and hare tomorrow”

That Cheerwine is not alcoholic

That the Grand Canyon is not just a final place for grand pianos

That Washington, D.C. was not named Georgeville

That you can play Chinese checkers only knowing English

That Lake Erie is not really spooky

That it doesn’t bother the French to call it the English Channel

Happy Thanksgiving,

George Wollin