Edwin McCain headlines for United Fund

Staff Report

November 15, 2013

Downtown Elkin was jumping Friday night with excitement of big-name star Edwin McCain’s scheduled arrival. Yadkin Valley United Fund had been introduced to the possibility of bringing the singer to Elkin in August.

By its Sept. 3 board meeting, Executive Director Missy Loving announced that the concert was sold out. With 30 tables seating 10, and an additional hundred individual tickets being sold, 400 guests were in attendance Friday.

As the Liberty and Public House 222 got busy setting up for the event, music and sound checks could be heard on Main Street in downtown Elkin Friday by lunch time.

Gray Burchette of G&B Energy had made Edwin two guitars and was instrumental in bringing the star to Elkin.

Burchette’s band, Graybyrds, opened for the singer that night at the Liberty. McCain’s trio performed a cover song to which McCain stated, “I would like to perform this special request for my friend Gray, who has built me two of the best guitars I’ve ever owned, they never leave my studio.”

Edwin apologized to the crowd for being late and confided with Burchette the next day by text how sorry he was. He had been shooting a TV pilot in which he helped restore a pontoon boat into a pirate ship and he’d been presenting it to a deserving 7-year-old before his appearance.

“I think the evening was a huge success,” said Loving. “We are so appreciative of the community support of Yadkin Valley United Fund and hope we’ve been able to raise awareness as to what we do and the agencies we support.”

To find out more about Yadkin Valley United Fund or to donate online, visit yadkinvalleyunitedfund.org.