Elkin returns incumbents, picks third

Anthony Gonzalez Staff Reporter

November 5, 2013

Elkin voters decided the makeup of its town government on Tuesday through an election that returned two incumbents into office and ushered in a candidate making his first run for public office.

According to the votes posted on the Surry County Board of Elections website, incumbents Cicely McCulloch and Terry Kennedy and newcomer Bob Norton will serve the next four years as commissioners, joining Commissioners J.L. Lowe Jr. and Skip Whitman.

“It’s pretty awesome,” said McCulloch. “I am pleased that everyone is pleased with what I’ve done. Elkin will continue to progress and become economically strong.”

McCulloch, who was the only female in the race, received the most votes with 346 casting a ballot for her.

“I am honored that the voters have returned me to office,” said Kennedy, who admitted having a bit of anxiety over the election. “When you have so many candidates running for office, anything can happen. We had to raise taxes a bit, and I was worried about that, too. I am very pleased that Elkin believes in the work we’re doing.”

“I didn’t know I had won. I thought they were still counting votes,” said Bob Norton, Elkin’s newest commissioner. “I am very humbled and very thankful to the citizens who entrusted me with this responsibility.”

Norton formerly served on the Elkin Planning Board for nine years as co-chair. He has never run for public office. Norton has lived in Elkin for 32 years. His campaign platform included holding Elkin’s budget in line with what the town can afford, holding the line on property taxes, water and sewer infrastructure cost containment, and economic development. A veteran of the U.S. Naval Reserves, Norton served from 1963 to 1969.

Candidates who were defeated chimed in on the election results.

“I am happy with the results of the election. Clearly the people have spoken and I congratulate the winners,” said Charles Bellia.

“I am pleased with the outcome,” said Jeffrey Eidson. “I believe we have three qualified candidates. As I said before, I entered the race to provide a choice when too few candidates were on the ballot. I am proud of that decision, Elkin voters, the history this town board, and its ability to steer Elkin in the proper direction.”

“I am grateful that Bob won a seat on the board and I wish him the best, but I don’t think he’s going to have enough clout to accomplish anything,” said James Ipock.

The unofficial results according to the Surry County Board of Elections are:

Charles Bellia — 186 votes — 13.85%

Jeffrey C. Eidson — 134 votes — 9.98%

James Ipock — 128 votes — 9.53%

Terry Kennedy — 290 votes — 21.59%

Cicely McCulloch — 346 votes — 25.76%

Bob Norton — 252 votes — 18.76%

Write-in — 7 votes — 0.52%

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