Letter to editor - Krantz

By Wendy Wood

November 1, 2013

To the editor,

I have something to say. This has been riding heavy on my mind.. and I am not sure whether to post it here.. or the page to vote against. So, since I am voting for this referendum, I will post it here. I am a Christian and hold my faith very dear. Most people who know me, know that first. I have lived here in Jonesville since 2008. In the short time I have been here, I have seen business after business close here. There is no growth. The town is dying and in the meantime, we, as citizens are having to pay triple water/sewer tax.. and I hear it’s going up again…yes i said TRIPLE… as well as the rest of the taxes this town bestows upon us. That is because they are not getting their taxes from the dying businesses, so only thing left is the citizens.. How much more do we endure???

This is a political and business vote. It is NOT a moral vote. The MORAL ISSUE comes when you decide to DRINK the alcohol yourself. I lived 13 years with an alcoholic.. and I KNOW what that’s all about.. it is a CHOICE… I have never been in any store where a bottle of alcohol of any sort jumped into my buggy… You have to put it in your buggy yourself. I am so aggravated and disappointed in the churches around here that I want to scream. I see all this money spent on signs everywhere. I know printing costs are not cheap… and I also look around and I see widows and families in dire need.. and also, anyone noticed the man who walks the streets?? Has anyone of these church members stopped to invite him to church or buy him a lunch and tell him about God???? Have you?????

And about the widows.. I know quite a few that live around here… who have no company, no one from the church.. ANY CHURCH .. stops by to check on them or bring them ANYTHING!!! It’s every man for himself. Now, you want to talk sin, I think the big sin here is not this business decision, whether to vote in a sale or not.. but the lack of knowledge and common sense. The church I grew up in always had visitation. We took care — and still do — of the elderly and always made sure if there was someone in need and we knew about it, we all pitched in to help. I have not seen one iota of that here in Jonesville. The only time I have been invited to a church around here is either by a client or by Butch down at the Food Lion - not by any church who cared enough to come out and visit — and that goes for the elderly women around here who have no one!!!!

I can see where 67 Hardware and the churches affiliated could make a much better contribution to this town than displaying signs which look like a bunch of litter around. The Bible teaches that we are to be at work for the father and doing HIS work.. taking care of those around us. It does not say nowhere in there not to vote nor does it say spend all your money trying to convince other people to vote no to selling alcohol. As far as that is concerned, it doesn’t even say Don’t drink alcohol!! It does say that everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial. Use your common sense folks. Dear LORD! What a waste of money — all those signs and billboards.. vote no… that money could be going to help someone in need .. and there are many right here in Jonesville that need — desperately need help.. and yet all that energy and money is spent on frickin no good for nothing signs. There’s ya sign …. maybe THATS a sin… Pharisees!!!!!

I tell you what.. 67 Hardware has lost my business.. they sell guns and everything else under the sun (if you can find anything in that clustered up of a store) …. and they are going to rally against this referendum that could bring in business and keep us from being taxed to frickin death..!!!!. There are businesses waiting on this vote.. if it passes… then there is the possibility of job creation, and not to mention the taxes from selling the alcohol that most people just drive over the bridge and give that tax money to Elkin.. Yet they have no problem selling guns and ammunition to whomever wants to buy it. Hippocrits!!!! And what about the vineyards … aren’t we supposed to be the Yadkin County Wine capital of the south??? What about those businesses… when people travel in and stop off on exit 82 and inquire about the wine… and they are told.. well, we can grow it here, but can’t sell it here, you have to go to exit 83.. two miles down the road to buy it. There goes ya tax money!!! Now, come on people, surely this town can’t be this ignorant - that you’d rather see this town DIE than make a positive business decision!! Doesn’t the sign welcoming people here say watch us grow.. with a GRAPE VINE??? or maybe we should change it to WATCH US DIE…. Thank you.


Mary Ann Krantz