Letter to editor — Hayes

By Wendy Wood

November 1, 2013

To the editor,

I would like to say a few works to the residents of Elkin about one of the persons running for the Town Commissioners of Elkin — Jim Ipock. I have known Jim Ipock since about 1979. He and I used to call WIFM Radio Station in Elkin 5 mornings a week, when the Radio Station had a “Open Mike Program” run and operated by Leon Reese and Allan “Big Al” Combs. Leon or Allan would ask a question and ever now and then, they woudl ask Jim Ipock to follow up on the question.

I found out by these questions and answers, that Jim Ipock was a very intelligent man and had good common sense. Now, many of these questions centered on the Town of Elkin, and how the Town Commissioners voted on various items concerning Elkin.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I don’t believe there has ever been aneone in the City Limits of Elkin, that has attended more Town Board meetings in the past 35 years than Jim Ipock. The Town of Elkin needs a man of Jim Ipock’s expertise to serve as a Town Commissioner.

If Jim Ipock had of been a Town Commissioner, your property taxes wouldn’t have been raised. Jim Ipock knows how to say No. He is not a Yes man. He raises questions on items. He doesn’t sit in his chair and say yes to ever item. He asks questions on everything.

Also, Jim Ipock would have asked for an investigation of the Water Treatment Plant as to where all the water is going. He would find out why widows and widowers that live alone and are low income pay for water they don’t use. Folks, Jim Ipock will let you know what is going on at the Town Commissioners Board meetings.

Also, the Town of Elkin needs someone like Jim Ipock as Town Commissioner, that doesn’t have, or owns a business. Also, the Town of Elkin needs someone like Jim Ipock as a Town Commissioner that lives on a budget, and knows what it means to live on a budget.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if Jim Ipock is elected as Town Commissioner for the Town of Elkin, you will have a Town Commissioner that will work for all the people, and not just for business people.

Jim Ipock does not drink alcohol or use drugs. Jim Ipock was his mother’s caregiver for the last 2 years of her life. Jim Ipock is a life long member of First Baptist Church of Jonesville. Ladies and Gentlemen, I pray that you vote for Jim Ipock as Town Commissioner.

God Bless Each of You as you vote.

Sgt. Bob Hayes

U.S. Army Retired