Alcohol opponents, supporters take to the streets with sign campaign

Taylor Pardue Staff Reporter

October 23, 2013

JONESVILLE — The battle for strong drink is raging in Jonesville.

Locals both for and against the sale of alcoholic beverages are getting their messages out ahead of the Nov. 5 alcohol referendum.

Signs and billboards are going up all over the town as both sides catch the attention of passersby on Jonesville’s roads.

One of the most noticeable is a billboard leading into Jonesville from U.S. 21. It reads “Vote Against Alcohol Referendums in Jonesville: Vote November 5.”

Smaller signs are being placed in the yards of residents, mainly those opposed. The signs say essentially the same thing as their larger cousin on 21.

The effort to spread the signs’ message stems from a coalition of churches and individuals.

Charlie Kennedy of 67 Hardware said the churches were standing up for their beliefs.

“As Christians, we decided to take a stand for what the Word of God says,” Kennedy said. “I really don’t know what all churches are involved, I just know several area churches have given donations and several individuals have given contributions, too.”

The movement intends to keep the pressure up until Election Day ends.

“We’re just going to try to keep getting a lot of word-of-mouth advertisement,” Kennedy said. “The biggest weapon we’ve got is prayer. We’re depending on the Lord.”

The opposed, like-sign

While those opposed to the measure began their signage campaign earlier, those in favor of letting alcohol be sold inside town limits are beginning to challenge the dry-town efforts.

The signs are beginning to pop up next to anti-alcohol signs all across Jonesville. As of press time, it is unclear who is sponsoring them.

Those signs in favor of the referendum read: “Vote FOR Jonesville Alcohol Sales on November 5th. It’s Our Time To Grow!”

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