Nursing home nears construction completion

Anthony Gonzalez Staff Reporter

October 14, 2013

A construction project that will expand a local nursing home is heading into its final phase at Unihealth Post Acute Care (formally Elkin Healthcare).

The nursing home, located at 560 Johnson Ridge Road, is undergoing a build-out that will add 32 additional private rooms to its list of 48 double rooms.

Officials said the increase is due to the rising demand.

The facility is best known for its skilled nursing care, physical, speech, and occupational therapy.

The nursing home began the massive construction project in 2012 to increase not only its beds, but to add new services.

According to its facility administrator, increasing the number of beds at the facility was just the beginning.

“Soon we’ll have an indoor therapy pool, increased therapy space, more dining through expanded areas, outside therapy walking areas,” said Jason Lindsey, the administrator of the center.

“We’ll have Starbucks. You can even sip on a cup of coffee while looking at an indoor decorative water fountain,” he said.

The facility makeover and expansion is part of an estimated $4.6 million construction project.

“We’re looking forward to providing our patients with more space, more services, and know that this place will meet the needs of the future,” Lindsey said.

Additional space means more jobs, too.

“More space means more staff, and that’s great for the local economy,” said Lindsey.

Unihealth Post Acute Care now has 112 employees.

The general contractor for the project is Engineered Construction Company of Raleigh. Upon an impromptu visit to the location, its foreman was observed organizing construction workers and motivating them to complete assignments of the day.

The project is expected to be completed in January 2014.

When asked what has been the greatest part of the construction project so far, Lindsey said the staff and residents have been wonderful.

“It’s tough when you have an occasional noise of a hammer or drill going on. They’ve all been supportive though. They all see the bigger picture,” he said.

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