Facade completed

Anthony Gonzalez Staff Reporter

September 30, 2013

The Elkin Main Street Advisory Board announced the completion of ther first of four façade grants awarded for 2013.

According to the advisory board, Dennis and Jordan Myers, new owners of the building at 111 W. Market St, finalized the beautification improvements on their building last week after painting the front façade, adding new goose neck lighting, and installing aqua awnings to compliment the look.

The building’s new tenants, Roxxi and Lulu’s Bakery, color coordinated their sign to match the awnings for a crisp new vibe, said officials.

According to the advisory board, the idea for the Myers’ façade design was provided by the North Carolina Main Street Program design team.

Laura Gaylord, Elkin’s Main Street & Community Manager, applied for Mr. Myers to participate in this free service offered to businesses in towns that are members of the Main Street Program.

Mr Myers, as well as all façade grant recipients, was awarded a 50/50 matching grant up to $1,000 by the Main Street Advisory Board this past spring.

“I love seeing what our downtown building owners can do with a little motivation behind them. Once Dennis and Jordan received the plans, they wasted no time getting the renovations completed. It is so important to take good care of your historical buildings, and I hope this example encourages others to do the same. Taking pride in your town’s history and historical district is so important. We are a vibrant community that has so much to offer. Even our buildings have a story to tell”, said Laura Gaylord.

According to the advisory board release, sometimes a façade improvement can be as simple as adding a new awning, repainting or replacing wall, windows or doors, or repairing bricks or holes that have been neglected in exterior walls or roofs.

Board officials say the Main Street Advisory Board encourages downtown businesses in the Municipal Service District to take advantage of the façade grants offered each spring because it is a great way to help historical building stay healthy.

“Business exteriors are your customer’s first impression of you and your business, and can influence a decision as simple as whether they will enter your front door or not. I’d hate to see anyone lose business because a potential customer judged the cover rather than the book,” said the release.

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