Tribune Tribute: Omegia Seaford

Anthony Gonzalez Staff Reporter

September 28, 2013

Omegia W. Seaford is a familiar face in downtown Elkin. She owns Seaford Insurance Services located at 112-H Church St.

The insurance company has been in business for 30 years.

Seaford moved to Elkin in 1975.

“We do everything here and help protect our policyholders. We do life, health, employee benefits, things like that,” said Seaford.

“We try not to get into too much because its best to focus on what you’re good at. We are known to our customers for our service and being reliable. We sort of stick to what we’re good at,” she said.

Seaford is married to an Elkin notable, Jeff Seaford. Jeff recently made headlines when his retirement was announced by Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital.

“I moved here after my husband Jeff Seaford was the principle for Elkin High School for eight years before he went to work for Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital,” said Seaford.

Seaford stated that she an Jeff have always called Elkin home and that the community has always had a close place in their hearts.

“I have two children and eight grandchildren,” said Seaford who stated that one of her grandchildren are in diapers.

“They all mostly live in the greater Charlotte area, so we’re close enough and far enough at the same time,” she laughed.

“I think Jeff and I are looking forward to spending more time with the kids now that Jeff is retired,” said Seaford.

The insurance agent stated that she enjoys understanding the insurance business, but that the paperwork and ObamaCare is posing a great risk and threat to the industry.

“It’s something I have to keep an eye on,” she said.

During the impromptu interview, the front door to the Church St. office opened. Jeff Seaford entered and stated hello to staff.

“You see, I told you guys that during my retirement I’m going to stop by and help my wife dust and throw out the trash,” chucked Jeff.

Omegia was informed that during Jeff’s retirement interview he informed The Tribune that what he was looking mostly forward to with retirement was spending as much time as possible with his wife.

Staff smiled in appreciation. So did Omegia.

The happy couple are planning a trip to Europe with a visit to Spain, Portugal, and other countries.

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