Responding to Mayor Hutchens

D. Lenore Hutchens

September 18, 2013

In response to Mayor Hutchens “A Personal Viewpoint,” the personal story you share is very touching and true also for many Americans. And to know that yourself and other mayors from across the country feel that something logical and healing must be done is nice and very touchy feely. But for anyone who knows just a little about the founding of this country, there’s no comparison of the immigration of the 1600’s to today’s “immigration” problem. Perhaps your ancestors were not “checked in” to America because America was not actually a sovereign nation until the late 1700’s. Your forebear Abraham would know something about that little skirmish. The problem here is the deception. We’re not really talking about immigration and immigration laws. There have been immigration laws for a long time, as any sovereign nation must and do have. We do not have an immigration problem; we have an illegal alien problem. But I suppose calling things are they truly are doesn’t sound so touchy feely.

We have borders the federal government will not secure and when a state like Arizona decided to take care of itself (as states have a Constitutional right to do) the present administration in Washington sued. That’s the problem; a massive, centralized government that doesn’t appear to want the United States to remain a sovereign nation. Another small item in this problem, many of the illegals do not want to assimilate to American culture. You are correct that our country has been enriched by a mix of peoples (diverse); but they always had something in common, simple individual freedom with minimum interference from government and a basic respect for others – the American culture that had woven us into a strong nation. The nation that is always first to respond to natural disaster, able to practically feed the world, and thousands of Americans have died to protect our freedom.

Today we have a government that deliberately drives a wedge between not only races but between people of different economic levels. You write, “change that will allow for these Americans to be citizens …” What? This sentence just doesn’t make sense, except from the touchy feely perspective. So, are they American citizens or not? If not, then why are they called Americans. The thousands of people that do come here legally and follow the law and take an oath to be an American so they can “try for the American dream”, should be insulted. Yes, I suppose the last group of illegal aliens will do the jobs no American citizen wants. If a few of these able bodied (legal American citizen) young men (and women) whipping out the EBT cards at the grocery stores, knew what an empty belly was, maybe they would go to work. Forebear Abraham may have known something about work equals food, shelter, clothing for the family. Then maybe not, but you did mention they had tough beginnings.

For generations the government has made it possible (even preferable) for Americans to live, eat, and have a cell phone without any physical effort at all. And recently when state legislators made some very reasonable changes to the voting laws, everyone starts crying and whining: “How dare I have to plan to be at the right place at the right time to vote!! I can’t possibly do that. It’s discrimination. But I do have the money, the time and the ability to plan months ahead to be at a Beyonce concert.” The privilege of voting means nothing in America any more. Sorry, I digress. Again, from your personal viewpoint “our economy would suffer a huge problem if all the people who are in our country without proper documentation would somehow be magically transported out.”

The statistics and facts point just the opposite. Illegal aliens receive a lot of welfare. Or maybe that should be entitlements. Whatever word makes you feel better, it is still a drain on the economy. But don’t believe me, look it up. The numbers vary from report to report, but it’s still a lot of taxpayer money. At the Mexican border, “immigrants” can pick up a taxpayer funded, Spanish translated brochure with instructions where and how to apply for food stamps. I don’t know if there’s also a brochure on the same rack with instructions on how to legally enter this country.

No doubt I seem cold-hearted and as someone who wants to see women, children, and minorities go hungry (these are the 3 groups Democrats always reference as most devastated by any semi-conservative policy). Quite the opposite. Americans have been the most giving and generous people on earth. No one would starve. It would be great to see people come to this country for the blessings of individual liberty and freedom the founders knew were derived from our Creator. Not granted by a government. These freedoms have been taken for granted far to long and we’ve become lazy and let them dwindle away for some touchy feely idea the government can take care of us better than we can take care of ourselves, our families, and our neighbors. On second thought, why would anyone want to come here for any reason other than a government check and cell phone.

Obama and Putin have announced to the world that America is nothing special. So just open the borders with no restrictions whatsoever, we’re so close to it anyway. Being an American citizen doesn’t mean enough to follow the law. So just change to laws to accommodate the illegals, it’s all so simple. It will give the appearance that we care. Being an American citizen is nothing special anymore. Ask the parents of the Americans who died in Benghazi a year ago. They were looked in the eye and lied to (as well as the rest of the world) and continue to be stonewalled when they ask what happened to my son. Forebear Abraham must have understood the concept of America and what it meant to be free of government oppression. He was willing to die for it.

The author shares the same last name of Elkin’s mayor, Lestine Hutchens. The Hutchens are not related, according to the author.