Hospital takes over two Wilkes medical centers

Civitas News Service

August 16, 2013

Mountain View Medical Center and Boomer Medical Center have signed a management agreement with Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital.

“Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital will assume operations of the practices effective November 1, 2013. Hugh Chatham will employ the staff and providers,” said a release relating to the merger.

According to Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, they will bring additional resources in information technology, specialized equipment, and training into the two medical centers.

Hugh Chatham Board Chairman, Mike Stanley, noted that the organization is “pleased to collaborate with the communities of Hays and Boomer. Our goal is to provide the patients there the best available healthcare and to bring future healthcare to our rural communities.”

Stanley stated that the hospital’s partnership with nearby Clingman Medical Center has been one of great success.

“Members of our medical staff understand healthcare for rural areas as no other and we see the patients of Mountain View and Boomer benefiting greatly from their expertise,” said Stanley.

“Hugh Chatham brings the patients of Hays and Boomer access to quality medical specialties, located close by in Elkin,” said Hugh Chatham Chief Executive Officer Michael J. Arno. “We are pleased to partner with these local Medical Boards who have done a wonderful job for their communities over the years. Cultural compatibility is the key component to ensuring success of any healthcare partnership.”

The Mountain View and Boomer practices serve a population of just under 70,000 in the counties of Wilkes, Surry, Caldwell, Alexander, Alleghany, and Ashe. Patients who are acutely ill or injured are almost always able to be seen the same day and the practices offer extended hours for convenience on Tuesdays. They accept patients of all ages.

Hays Board Chair Jerry Sidden noted that, “Hugh Chatham has been great to work with throughout our journey to find the right fit for our practice management. We all extend a warm thank you to Hugh Chatham for this assistance.”

Dr. Laura Hubbard, Mountain View physician of 18 years, said, “I, together with Ray Stone, PA-C, Wendy Shumate, FNP, and Andy Pinkerton, PA-C, am looking forward to continuing to meet the medical needs of a wide range of individuals who have benefitted from the long history of quality and affordable patient-centered care these rural medical centers have provided. It means a great deal to be affiliated with an organization like Hugh Chatham. They have demonstrated their full commitment to ensuring that rural health care delivery survives current economic challenges.”