Police arrest man for ‘assault by strangulation’

August 12, 2013

The Yadkin County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a domestic disturbance in the early morning hours on Friday August 9, 2013, according to a news release.

When officers arrived they were confronted with a man holding a high powered hunting rifle located behind an East Bend residence.

“Commands were administered. The suspect failed to comply with the demands,” said a spokesperson for the Sheriff.

The dangerous head-to-head situation resulted in police using a “Tazer” in order to make the suspect comply with the officers commands.

Arrested was Darrell Lee Powell, 39, of East Bend. Powell was charged with aggravated assault on a female, assault in the presence of a minor, assault with a firearm, assault by strangulation, kidnapping, aggravated assault on a government official, resist, obstruct and delay of an officer, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Assault by strangulation is a relatively new felony assault under North Carolina law, which alleges that the perpetrator attempts to strangle the alleged victim. It most often occurs as a result of a domestic altercation and may contribute to the issuance of a domestic violence 50B protective order. Assault by strangulation is also sometimes charged along with sex crimes and other violent crimes.

The domestic disturbance unfolded at Powell’s estranged girlfriend’s house located on Union Hill Road in East Bend.

Powell has “no bond” until his first appearance in court. He is currently being held in the Yadkin County Detention Center.

The first court date is unknown as of press time.

According to the Yadkin County Sheriff’s Office , a “Taser” is used as a last resort protecting officers and the general public from offenders.

Tasers were introduced as non-lethal weapons to be used by police to subdue fleeing, belligerent, or potentially dangerous people, who would have otherwise been subjected to more lethal weapons such as a firearm.

A 2009 Police Executive Research Forum study said that officer injuries drop by 76% when a Taser is used.

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