Elkin High stars appear under the sea

Taylor PardueStaff Writer

March 24, 2013

Elkin High School’s senior play “The Little Mermaid” played Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon to a warm reception.

Crowds flooded in to watch Hannah Barron and Houston Parks act out one of Disney’s famous movies. Barron played the main part of Ariel while Parks played her land-walking love interest, Prince Eric. The senior play had a number of memorable moments as well as a laugh-inspiring supporting cast.

Caleb Harris’ Sebastian drew lots of laughs with his sideways walks on and off stage and Jamaican accent. Seth Creed’s Scuttle squawked and flipped around to the audience’s delight. No one could forget Logan Newman’s Chef Louis and the singing/dancing chefs. Ursula’s eel cronies were well-received, rolling on Rollerblades across the stage while wearing electric lights on their backs.

Hannah Barron’s Ariel sang beautifully and helped make the audience believe that Ariel had something of value to trade Ursula for a pair of legs and a human experience. Houston Park’s Prince Eric and Barron played off each other well and made the audience root for them to overcome their different backgrounds.

In all, the entire crew and cast worked together seamlessly and made the crowd give several rounds of applause and laughter throughout.

Cast members:

Pilot - Logan Newman

Prince Eric - Houston Parks

Grimsby - Chance Rogan

Sailors - Coley McCulloch, Jake Pickett, Luke Williams, Ashton Gant, Frank Miller

King Triton - Jonathan Parker

Seahorse - Coley McCulloch

Sebastian - Caleb Harris


Aquata - Jonne Miley

Andrina - Morgan Minton

Arista - Damaris Minoso

Atina - Alix Hall

Adella - Jasmine Strickland

Allana - Madison Durham

Jetsam - Tyler Stoltzfus

Flotsam -Sam Lane

Flounder - Victoria Harris

Ariel - Hannah Barron

Scuttle - Seth Creed

Ursula - Madison Durham

Ursula’s tentacles - Coley McCulloch

Sea creatures - company

Chef Louis - Logan Newman

Chefs - Coley McCulloch, Luke Williams, Morgan Minton, Ashton Gant, Jake Pickett, Frank Miller

Carlotta - Jasmine Strickland

Princesses - Jonne Miley, Damaris Minoso, Morgan Minton, Alix Hall

The play was directed by Leighanne Martin Wright, choreographed by Kim Arnold, and musically directed by Tonya Smith. Wright also handled set design and costumes, with help on the clothing by Twin City Costume Shop. Lights were by Jonathan Young and Ray Arnold. Backstage was managed by Kim Arnold, Logan Minton, and Ray Arnold.

The orchestra included Tonya Smith on keyboard, Josh Casstevens on bass, and Joshua Brinegar with percussion.

The cast and crew would like to extend a special thanks to Michael and Noah Smith for use of their handcrafted boat for the scene with Prince Eric and Ariel’s rowing afternoon, and to Foothills Theatre and the Foothills Arts Council.

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