Letter to the editor

Anthony GonzalezStaff Writer

February 21, 2013

After working in Elkin for three weeks now for the Yadkin Valley Chamber of Commerce I just have to say that I just can’t get over how friendly everyone is here.

One of my first days on the job the Chamber President Laurette Leagon sent me around town to run some errands for the Chamber. She also wanted me to get to know the town a little better, since I live in Mount Airy.

I went to Lowe’s Hardware, the State Employees Credit Union and Food Lion that day and everywhere I went people were smiling and so polite. I have to say I was really blown away by it.

On another day at work, Laurette sent me on a walking tour of downtown. I walked to Fiddle’s and then to the Post Office. I did a little window shopping and took in the stores downtown.

Before I left the Chamber, I put my debit card in my coat pocket in case I saw anything I liked along the way. I also put my cell phone in there with it. As I was walking I thought about a couple of things I forgot to tell my husband, so I called him a couple of times along the way.

The same day, I went down to check out Combs Butcher’s Shop, where again, I was greeted by the friendly lady running the register. Before I went in the store though, I looked in my wallet to make sure I put my debit card back and low and behold, it was gone. I thought back to my walking trip and realized that it was probably laying on the face of the phone inside the cover and dropped on the sidewalk when I pulled the phone out of my jacket pocket. I walked all over downtown and that had been hours earlier.

I frantically called the bank to tell them to put a stop on the card. Melissa France at Surrey Bank & Trust looked at the account and said no one had used it since my last purchase. I hoped and prayed that some nice person would find my card and turn it in because getting a new debit card takes two to three weeks.

On Monday, I got a call at work from Surrey Bank & Trust. Melissa said that someone had gone to the Elkin branch and turned in my card.

What a relief!

I just wanted to say thank you to whoever found my card and turned it in. Please come by the Chamber or call me at 526-1111 so that I may thank you in person.

A couple of years ago Mount Airy was one of five towns vying to be the “Friendliest City” in America, but I have to say Elkin should have also been considered for that distinction because you all have blown me away with your warmth and friendliness. I’m so blessed to have a job here and meet all of you incredibly friendly folks.

Mondee Tilley

Administrative Assistant

Yadkin Valley Chamber of Commerce