Mount Airy actress lands national role

Keith StrangeCivitas News service

January 13, 2013

Mount Airy native and actress Anna Wood is once again in the spotlight, garnering national attention on an NBC prime time drama.

Wood, who noted with a laugh that “a lady never reveals her age,” is scheduled to make her first appearance Monday night on the drama “Deception,” set to air at 10 p.m.

Contacted in Los Angeles, where she and her husband, actor Dane DeHaan, are splitting their time between there and New York, Wood said she will be portraying Nichole Frishette.

“She is a writer and reporter for a gossip magazine,” Wood said. “She follows pretty closely the family affected by the death that happened in last week’s first episode.”

The actress described her character as the stereotypical intrepid reporter.

“She’s an eager beaver who wants eventually to be the next Oprah,” she said. “But she’s having a real hard time getting past the entry-level job she’s working. She’s well intentioned and very helpful, but sometimes her enthusiasm backfires and she can mess some things up.”

Wood, the daughter of Bert and Mary Beth Wood, said she is expecting a reoccurring role on the show.

“They kind of let me know when they need me in time for filming,” she said. “I’m not going to be a regular cast member, it will just be a reoccurring role.”

She said logistics provide the most challenge with the role.

“The biggest thing is that I live in Los Angeles but they shoot it in New York,” she said. “I’ve been burning up the skies and staying with friends in New York a lot.”

And performing with such a large cast is also a new challenge.

“There is a lot of different story lines going on in the show, and half the cast I’ve never even met,” she said. “And much of what is going on on the show I really don’t know, because it doesn’t affect my story lines. I’m discovering it along with the audience.”

Wood said she often watches her performances when they air, but noted that even without appearing on the show she’d be a fan.

“I’ll certainly be watching it. It’s pretty addictive,” she said. “I always like to watch my work because I can always learn something, but with Deception, I could see it being a real guilty pleasure.”

She previously has appeared in the theatrical film “Nice Guy Johnny,” which came out in 2010, and also is in the cast for another upcoming movie, “Negative Space.” Additional acting credits include episodes of the TV shows “Mad Men,” “Royal Pains,” “Cold Case” and “Brothers & Sisters.”

Her dramatic interests were hatched in Mount Airy through community theater involvement with the Surry Arts Council.

Wood initially attended Mount Airy High School before transferring to North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem to complete her high school education in 2004.

She also continued her college career at that institution, receiving a bachelor of fine arts degree in 2008, where DeHaan was a classmate.

After dating since 2006, Wood and DeHaan married in Mount Airy in June.

She said she always remembers home.

“North Carolina, and Mount Airy in particular, is still my favorite part of the world,” she said.

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