Kids win with music

Alex PowellBand Director and Music TeacherElkin Elementary School

November 5, 2012

Through this process of creating, whether that is composing, performing, or even listening, many find significance, enjoyment, and purpose. Often, it is not the end result that yields these for the participant, but rather the process that takes them to that point. In schools, this process can consist of preparing a concert for family and friends or learning a concept that can be used for more advanced application later.

Regardless of the type of learning experience, through music education, students continually develop 21st century skills that will help them for further learning in a wide range of subjects and eventual success in the workplace. Examples of this include evaluating personal work and making modifications to produce better performances as well as engaging with others in cooperative education.

Additionally, all of the higher order thinking skills, like application, analysis, and creation are addressed through music education, and studies show that students who stick with music consistently score higher on standardized tests than students who don’t study music.

The College Board’s Total Group Profile Report of College-Bound Seniors for 2005 revealed that students who studied music for four years or more outperformed students who studied music for one half-year or less by 58 points on the verbal portion of the SAT and 38 points on the math section of the SAT.

Finally, music education provides students with an irreplaceable outlet to use the creative part of their brains and have fun! It gives them the opportunity to feel and enjoy the power of a ballad, the depth of a poem, the complexity of a symphony, and ultimately the pride of participating in the human tradition of music-making.

You can support the music program at Elkin Elementary School by coming out to our next concert on December 13th at 7:00 PM in the school gymnasium. The kindergarteners and 6th grade beginning band students will be presenting a holiday concert for the community. This performance will be a lot of fun, and I hope to see you there!