Elkin Antiques and Collectibles Mall opens downtown

Darcie DyerStaff writer

October 9, 2012

Elkin Antiques and Collectibles Mall opened Oct. 1 on South Bridge Street in downtown Elkin.

Owner Teresa Houston, of Traphill, said the mall currently has 15 vendors and is seeking more.

“We do two different types of spaces; a 4 feet wide by 7 feet tall shelving unit, and we do floor space as well that’s by the square foot,” Houston said.

To rent a shelf space is $25 a month and floor space is $1 per square foot. Houston charges 10 percent commission on vendors’ sales.

Houston said furniture, glass ware, and primitive tools have been the items that she has noticed being in high demand.

If interested in renting a shelf or floor space, contact Houston at 526-3000 or 244-2636.

Houston said it is her own love of antiques and collectibles that inspired her to buy the building and open it as an antique mall.

“I have been a collector for quite a while and Ricky [her boyfriend] is working down there too, and he’s a collector as well,” said Houston. “I thought real estate would be a good way to go, so after I talked it over with him, we decided that buying this building would be a good investment for myself and also for the town of Elkin.”