Girl Scouts donate toiletries to Tri-C

Jessica PickensStaff Writer

September 27, 2012

Girl Scout Troop 41787 donated 166 pounds of toiletries to Tri-County Christian Crisis Ministries on Tuesday.

“A lot of our clients receive food stamps, but you can’t use those towards toiletry items,” said Tri-C Director Heather Macy. “People always think about donating food, but not about toiletry items. Toiletry items can be expensive.”

The Girl Scouts donated reusable bags with toothpaste, toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, soap, razors and shaving cream.

Along with donating food, the Scouts learned what it took to receive assistance with food, clothing or utilities at Tri-C.

Macy had six of the 30 Scouts stand up and told them that in the Tri-County area, they represented children who would go without food that day.

The Girl Scouts then pretended they were Tri-C clients seeking assistance and interviewed each other, asking questions such as how much money they make or how many members are in their family.

Troop 41787 has been involved before with Tri-C by donating birthday bags with cake mix, candles and a small gift.

“These bags were given to adults so that they would be able to bake a cake for themselves on their birthday,” Macy said.

Tri-C also receives donations from the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts during Fall Food Drive.

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