Elkin City Schools top 10 in North Carolina

Darcie DyerStaff Writer

September 26, 2012

With a graduation rate of 89.4 percent, Elkin City Schools ranked 8th in the top school districts in North Carolina with the highest graduation rates.

State Superintendent June Atkinson honored Elkin High School this month for having one of the highest four-year cohort high school graduation rates among all districts and schools in the state in 2011-2012.

“North Carolina reached an all-time high school graduation rate of 80.4 percent last year and these districts and schools played a significant role in this remarkable achievement,” said Atkinson. “I commend all the superintendents, principals and teachers who worked so hard to make sure more students than ever are graduating high school prepared for college, a career and citizenship.”

Elkin City Schools superintendent Dr. Randy Bledsoe said this achievement is a reflection of the staff, students and the community.

“We continue to be very happy with the connectivity of our staff with the students and the community,” Bledsoe said. “I think it’s that connectivity between students and teachers and our community that allows us to have the successful graduation rate that we have. Connectivity keeps kids engaged and we want them to be engaged throughout their educational careers. It’s everyone making sure our students are connected and learning for a purpose. Our goal is to continue to make sure every child graduates on time and is ready for college or ready for a career.”

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