Living in Elkin

Matthew GorrySports Writer

March 30, 2012

Five years ago I moved to Elkin. I wasnt real sure why I chose Elkin, but there was just someting wonderful about it. I was drawn to its wonderful, old Episcopal Church, its beutiful Downtown that so many people have worked hard to preserve, Harry's Restaurant with the best burgers in the world and most of all...its people. Elkin is special in that way that so few small towns are. Great schools, lots of art and activities, one of the best parks and recreation Ive ever seen in a small town and who could ask for better health care at our doorstep. Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital has taken great care of me a couple of times and many friends as well. Thanks to all the physicians here who could have gone to bigger places, but chose Elkin for much the same reasons as I...its a wonderful place to live.